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This is the master PDF document for the Soul contract Revocations

Sleep now with the fires of creation

Today is the day of action. Today is the day you begin to plan and prepare your vision. Where there is no VISION the people will perish.

This is a call out to all leaders who stand in their conviction of sovereignty , Today is the day to organize. Let the separation of density\’s be natural. Those whose spiritual density is strong enough will rise up to the invitation and be co-creating partners in a new earth experience. Those who are to lite of density will waver and stay home, waiting for others to act for them.

Collect your friends and family and offer a simple solution to inaction.

Action turns knowledge into wisdom.

Over the next 4 months  I will be doing the next series of Reality altering truth shows. These shows will be for those who are ready to be relevant to the dynamic world we live in.

Go to any government building and read out the revocation of government. Ask your friend to join you in a celebration of freedom as we reclaim our natural birth rights as free sovereign beings co-creating with earth. Demand your energy be returned from energy harvesting systems, like your ID, passport SSN and any government papers with your all CAPS straw-man name.

Amass in front of any bank branch or federal reserve building and read out the contact revocations to those buildings. The time is now the power is you. Only the many can reclaim the power of knowing true inter-species unity.

Be ready to see with all your heart space, heart discernment and inner knowing. The dreamworld has now blended into one seamless dreaweave tapestry of infinity with in paradox of the social agreed time.

Prepare you creativity and begin planing on where you can effect the system at the local level with a peaceful entertain flash mob. Use all the tools available to you. Music, Dance, Art and stage acting skill sets. WE can show the world with artistic actions change can happen.

I offer these tools  to help got the snowball rolling down hill

Love GH


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