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Stay tuned to my website for new details about my up coming shows and interviews and books. I  am in transition from active radio host to more video and radio interviews. I will open up the booking schedule near the end of the July.

thanks for all the loyal support and love.


Andrew has been an active healer and psychic reader for nearly 20 years. He is a Reiki master and Shaman with many talents in the spirit world. Andrew is available for private readings through this website.

Andrew grew up in north east Ohio. He is a active rock hound and Gemstone and mineral collector. He has nearly 2,000 different crystals, gemstones and meteorites in his personal collection.

Andrew began his journey into spirituality at a very young age. His early childhood life shaped the future person and beyond. It is through the exploration of the childlike innocence that we learn to reclaim the full power of our purpose on this world.

Andrew is a Reiki master and teacher. He is available for special workshops for intermediate to advanced students. Andrew specializes in the hard cases, From cancer and organ transplants to P.T.S.D. and addiction recovery. He is dedicated to empower all people with the knowledge to heal themselves and their family.

This section is to help those new or old to Andrew’s style and way of communicating his teachings

The process of creating and co-creating a reading has just a few steps to understand. For those who have never had a reading or for those who have had many readings. The process in which I connect to the reading is through the seeing of dream time energy that is embedded in your field of energy. This dream-time energy has all the dreams you have held since the day of your birth. When I read these energies I see, hear, feel and know the highs and lows of your dream-time needs. The reading is like building a web of your life with the information from the dream weave energy that is a part of your being.

I start with the basic you – the person at that exact moment who came to the reading.  Some people have difficulty understanding how this evolves. In my practice as a healer, counselor and psychic reader I have encountered thousands of people with endless systems of being ‘themselves’. When I do a reading I come from a sacred neutral point of view. All species from Whale to Tree, 8 legged or no legs all have a dream weave patterns around them. – This pattern helps them in their process of evolving as a sentient-person and a Spirit.

I interpret this dream-weave energy as a math formula that does not use numbers. It uses images that connect to a storyline with no order or design. It is the nature of all people to be empaths,  to feel and know without knowing why. Some people wear their dreams on their skin like tattoos, other hide their dreams deep inside. The reading evolves from me as the sacred neutral observer recording what I see, hear, feel, smell and know with out knowing. Once the code is understood, the reading moves along as the various dream time societies come forward to help co-create the reading and the message of self healing.

The Sacred Neutral Point of View

The sacred neutral point of view is a representation of my Spirit Evolution in the present world of life. It means I have healed enough of myself to heal others. It means you live the facts, all beings have a sacred inner space. All beings need room to evolve with their life path. It means you’ve set aside dogmas and political views to reach the understanding that all life is sacred and needs love without strings or covert motives to endorse a method of change. It means you have accepted that all spiritual practices contain spiritual truths. It means you do not demean or endorse one path as being the only way. It means you have lived life as the neutral observer and still co-created a life path without polarity interfering with your spiritual and daily evolution. It means you accept that all paths have personal merit to the free-willed Spirit expressing their form of faith, love and what defines that person as spiritual. All faiths need room to evolve and endure the passage of time. It is only with our personal input our faith will evolve beyond its current definition.

When we share our faith we exchange life force on a very primal level. I hold those moments as sacred and do not change the message, I only translate it to my personal truths and pray nothing is lost in translation.

The reading is from higher spirit to higher spirit. The highest form of you and me being allowed to co-exist for the time of the reading. Each spirit has set up rules and programs that their mind follows. These programs are the static rules humans have set up during the birth process. By living life as a sacred neutral point of view I can connect to the original person who came through the womb cave with all their hopes and dreams intact.

When we reach the first stage of adulthood we reshape our understanding of the sacred neutral point of view we started with at birth. The reshaping of this point of view creates polarity and oppositions in each and person. The polarity and opposition are the basis in which we grow in our life. When reading people I have learned there is a need to update their inner messages and programs with a higher self energy. My reading and messages comes from our co-creating higher selves. By keeping the sacred neutral point of view these messages can remind us to update our spiritual programming and include other systems of belief into our life path we may have left out due to being blissfully ignorant or blatantly in denial.

Following a sacred neutral point of view as a life path is not easy and requires the courage to face ourselves as total beings to repair, renew and recycle that which does not help us evolve in the present. It will require time inside your self – healing any wounds that don’t allow you to evolve on a cyclical basis. By learning our cycles we begin to learn how and why we need to heal ourselves during those moments of internal dialog. After significant time communicating with your internal dialog you will once again let the full possibilities of your life expression refuel your life force. When we learn how to expand our current system of life-walk we understand we reap what we sow.

We each have an invisible savings account of life force. Some of us have been tapping into our accounts and replenishing the life force with creative expression. Others have been making deposits and never making withdrawals. A growing number of people are withdrawing. The constant withdrawal not followed by deposits will result in the process of fate. We inevitably face our issues and evolve past them or suffer the consequences of an unfulfilled life-walk. The polar opposite is destiny. When we learn to heal our selves, and pro-create a life path, we learn our higher spirit has talents and messages for us to explore. Think of it like a library card. You can go to the library of the self anytime and read books but they do not come back to you in physical life. Its all in the memory of those meditative moments. Destiny is when those messages come to you in solid tangible form allowing you to take back the complete lessons learned.

Dream-Time Societies

Dream-time societies are dreamers dreaming this dream in another reality that is layered over the one we live in now. Healers, shamans and mystics have charted ways into the dream realms of times past. Their message is of healing and understanding the two worlds are not separate but coexist on top of each other. The dream-time societies coming forward during my readings are my personal medicine that has come to me during my own course of healing and indicated to me ways I can heal myself and those people I encounter. Each Dream-time society uses a communal co-creative process that helps me in giving the readings, a base foundation into the needed healing information. Other times the reading indicates how to start or continue a path towards healing. Most often the dream-time societies remind us it is always our current self that interprets the reading. Sometimes our past or future self will re-interpret the readings using context from the dream weave. This acts as a memory trigger. Memory moments can help unravel a coded dream that has migrated into your awakened mind. Many of us have trouble remembering our dreams past the point of a few minutes of being awake. The dreams appear to fade fast only leaving us with general themes, objects or people that time needs to help define. If your one of those people who can wake up in a dream and go back into dream state to complete a dream – know your spirit is working directly with that dream time environment to help you understand how to bring something out of dream-time and manifest it into your daily life.

Animal Medicine

I have often been asked what it takes to communicate to your animal medicine guides. The answer is practice and more practice. It requires many hours of meditative dialog with the animal spirit. It took me many years to be fully fluent in animal medicine languages. Each creature being has its own way of communing to you its teachings. My advice is start with two and stay with them for one month. Beginning with creative prayer dialog guided towards each animal spirit you intend to communicated with record your impressions in a journal, dream-log or chronicle that helps you define the one month of work. After two months choose a different animal spirits and continue recording what you understand. Keep looking back at the old versions of your recordings. Observe the meaning and message of a past spiritual you expressing a need to define a path with animal medicine guides.

Keeping a Journal

Thinking you can do it all by memory – coyote is tricking you with the greatest joke of all. It is our ego that demands the belief we can recall every fact without coloring or redacting. We can not remember everything. Our past selves color our perception and memories clouding details that could lead to healing or change. The ego wants static reality, not change. When change comes our ego looks for methods to stop the change or to subvert it with habit patterns limiting the amount of time or life force we are able to invest into our selves.

A well defined path requires us to journal our evolution and co-creative moments with the divine working within us. Continuing on a path where you do not record yourself is the essence of self-deception. This is the ego at work. It’s the job of the ego to impose limits and redact memories. The self healing path confronts the ego so we do not limit ourselves when healing is necessary. Self-healing requires a time of forgiving. Accepting we can change – then acting with real change knowing parts of us will be in conflict with that change.

The way of two-legged has come to a generational jump in wisdom once again. Every human incarnating in this world has a great journey ahead of them. The next leap into evolution is similar to the process of returning home to a sacred space within each of us. This is a time of new-found innocence interacting with all living things.

Habit patterns have changed dramatically in the last decade, one can barely recount all of the changes in one sitting. Cell phones and all the extended ways of communicating and conversing with cultures world-wide have limited our connection to Mother Earth. All these new tangible and intangible things weigh down the human spirit, defusing the Earth Mother’s energies with our desires before our needs. When our needs are not understood on a primal connective level with the place we live in – a separation begins to take hold.

Separation pro-creates an uneasiness that eventually devolves the human spirit into a distilled human essence trying to figure out what is real and what is not. This unending process continually breaks earth mother’s link to her children and grandchildren.


How do we define love? This question has been asked by every man, women and child in every generation since time began. In my opinion, true love is chemistry bonded with the human spark of life – interacting on a daily basis with your family, friends. The world we live in calls us to duty every day.

Love asks us to be alive everyday we live on earth. The very task of being alive everyday is what drives us to find love – to search it out, discovering its mysteries and disasters. When we ask ourselves What is Love – and How do we Express It?, what we learn is all things are expressing love at all times. It is up to you, the individual to translate its meanings, musings and fortunes told.

We seek this passion spark to fill light in our lives. This tangible thing called love is what links every person in the world together as equal partners in the experience of life. Some need more love than others. Some think they need almost none at all, {love is rejected}. Love is a continuous exchange of needs and desires

As individuals we learn the subtleties of love, it comes down to knowing what you need vs what you desire. Tempering our mental habit of following only desire, shows wisdom and age. When we love another person, we must know what they need, for love to exist. For love too grow, lovers seek the passion spark. This very palpable thing all humans know by genetic knowledge. It is raw unbridled love making, passed down from civilization to civilization through out time. Reality bends as we understand each other in those special moments, linking us in time and place, like snapshot of life’s memories.

A Medicine Spread Prayer:

I call to the 4 elements, fire, earth, air and water. I call to Great Spirit who lives within Great Mystery.

You the powers of mother earth manifested, I call to your wisdom, in this medicine moment.  Bless me as I walk this sacred soil. Bless me as I breathe your sacred air. Bless me as I warm myself with sacred fire. Bless me with your sacred waters of life. Bless me as I learn to walk with personal power.

Today I travel the great unknown, grant me the wisdom to be humble. Grant me the wisdom to love, even when love is not returned. Grant me the knowledge to balance my medicine way. So I may heal my family, my tribe, my nation and our mother earth. Oh great mystery, who is the source of all power. Show me the path way to where the magic lives within my soul, so I may drink of its power and share it with the All.

Becoming the illusion, knowing I am creating it all, friend dragonfly come to my medicine spread. Oh friend dragonfly teach me the the lessons so I may seek out the lessons of change needed with in my daily habits.

Dragonfly says, “listen to the elements that surround you. Take back the power that you threw away. Magic is here, now, like moths to a flame it will attract you to the magic with in. Drink deeply of your power and spread the word. We are creating it all. The dream lives on whether we’re asleep or awake, me dreaming you and you dreaming me. We are all the dreamer and the dreamed.”

Beyond all Boundaries of Human Conception:

A Future Self is Calling Home.


Life began in the chrysalis, webbed together out of our genetic knowledge formed in the love of Mother Earth’s womb cave. The webbing of life appears in the top right corner of my minds eye. A wave of heart love washes over me bringing more attention to the weaving at hand. The music of life aids me in drowning out the human chatter. More and more weaving energy grows, energy flows out of my womb cave.

Vision turns red, reflections of life, past and present scroll by. The chrysalis knows all possible futures explored. The webbing of the chrysalis weaves around my spirit frame, a cocoon of weaving energy now a part of me.

The white webs of life surround me. All things trying to enter are repelled by the gentle winds of internal change. The winds of change come from the future butterfly, high upon a tree, resting observing the world for the first time outside his cocoon.

Vision is back to the chrysalis of life. Learning how to reinforce the webs I have created in life. I once again touch my eternal being. The webbing grows as my touch spreads until all five senses are blended into one.

The cocoon grows as faces blur, my mind reaches out, hoping to identify my future self. All colors fade to a middle shade of grey. The butterfly whispers: “Know your role as silent auditor of fate has come to an end. You are now a member of butterfly clan. Honor us, each time you seek the chrysalis of life. Continue on the path of the good red road. Teach all beings the message of internal change is the whispers of our future self waiting for us in dream-time.”

Keep on dreaming me while we dream you.

Friend butterfly emerges from his dream-time cocoon teaching us how to transform our body, mind, and spirit into a new being. Our two-legged shells are mutable with physical exercise – our minds learn and grow with knowledge – our spirit transmits limitless energy in a continuous co-creating process. When choice of change is at hand use the butterfly’s ability to form a chrysalis of life webs. The webbing energy of the larva butterfly has the power to shape and reshape our body, mind and spirit with the possibilities of our futures self’s. 


Surround your self with a mental image of a weaving cocoon of energy. This weaving energy starts three inches above your navel. There is the connection to your dreaming body. From that point the cocooning energy will weave its way through your physical and energy body, it will be your duty to yourself to explore this imagery before you fall into dream-time

Friend butterfly’s last message to you before you lock & load “Do your personal best to come back with good friends. You are in a never-ending cycle of transformation. At times we take a break from personal change. Other times we extend our vacation from self-transformation. Though when we choose to pick up where we left off, we learn we lost nothing and gained a whole new sacred point of view. At times you will roll back to a different stage or phase of innocence. Note these moments in your self and others. Change is no more than accepting a new phase of life.”